Aspire Coaching is at the forefront of multi-skills tuition. We will educate children using physical literacy to obtain skills for life. Through sport children will be encouraged to participate, enjoy and improve.



PE / PPA Cover

Aspire Coaching ha ve a proven track record for delivering PE lessons for over 15 years. As a company we are listed on the Hampshire County Council Commercial provider of Physical Education and Sport Coaching Register.

Aspire Coaching can provide each school with a scheme of work designed to last the whole academic year.

Definitive learning outcomes with our lesson plans.

Wet weather activities designed to be in a hall or classroom

We also offer effective and reliable assessment of pupils to show progress.

Our team of coaches educate children through a broad range of physical activities through the year to enhance the children’s fundamental movements and provide skills for life.

We can offer: Full or half day programmes and the following activities for PE:

• Invasion Activities
• Creative Activities (Gymnastics & Dance)
• Strike & Field and Net & Wall Activities
• Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA)

Extra-Curricular Clubs

We offer a variety of sports to schools for their pupils either as an after school club, breakfast club or lunch time club.

After School Club

We offer these over a full term and we can offer clubs in a range of activities to extend the PE curriculum for KS1 and KS2

Breakfast and Lunch time Club

We can offer these over a full term (weather permitting) and we put the children through fun activities designed to improve team building, skills and technique.

During our extra-curricular clubs parents are expected to meet the costs involved. We try extremely hard to ensure that the same coach is there throughout the whole club so a relationship is formed
between the coach, the school and the children.

Inset Days/ Provision for Children

We can offer the children in your school a full days programme of sport when your school is closed for teacher training.

The children will be put through various sports to enhance their fundamental skills and movements in a slightly more relaxed fun day.


We can come in to offer PE curriculum advice and guidance to help enhance its provision and stress the importance of putting pupils at the heart of the learning during PE to improve whole school learning.

• Gifted and Talented PE Workshops
• Through the academic year we are delivering various workshops to allow the children to complete the Sports Leaders Playmaker award.
• Upon completion the children are then qualified to lead mini style games within your school. An ideal opportunity to help ‘positive play’ at break times.
• We can also offer your school workshops to help improve the movements and skills of the less able children.
• Whether it’s a small group or one to one, we will work and deliver a full physical literacy programme to help the children's skills for life.
• Gifted and Talented Football Sessions

Evening Football Team Coaching

We work in association with Petersfield Town Juniors, Headley Youth and Liss Athletic Youth to deliver Mini Football as well as advanced coaching to older teams already competing so that all players develop and improve.
Early Year Centres

Using our multi skill background we have devised a programme that is suitable for early year centres allowing the children to experience new activities and games designed to improve their balance, coordination and agility. We are also supporting a local school sports partnership with a pilot scheme delivering in early year centres. Please contact us to find out more.

School Special Events

We are able to offer our services and expertise to organise special school events such as school sports days, inter house tournaments and sporting challenges.
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